Craft Beer

Craft Beer

What is Craft Beer?

And how is it different than the yellow fizzy stuff people drink at tailgates? Well there is a technical definition and there is the “everyday” definition. First the technical jargon..

Craft beer is made by craft brewers that possess 3 key traits. They are:

Small: Their annual production is less than 2 million barrels ( 62 million gallons) 6 million barrels (recently changed)
Independent: Less than 25% of the brewery is owned by a non-craft brewer
Traditional: Greater than 50% of their volume comes from all-malt beer, instead of using mostly adjuncts (e.x. rice, corn) like that mega-breweries use. This basically means they use higher quality ingredients.

Specialty Beers, Artisan Beers, Gourmet Beers, Boutique Beers, Microbrews, and Dark Beers (very common although not very accurate).

There are many different terms to describe it, but we’re all essentially talking about the same thing. You know it when you see it…it’s beer that is different. It has complexity, uniqueness, and variety. It’s beer that has flavor. It’s Craft beer.

craft beer
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